A detox diet is a natural process of eliminating toxins, which are potentially harmful compounds, from our body. Studies have discovered that chemicals from our foods and environments contribute a huge amount of pollutants into the air everyday and into our bodies. These chemicals and toxins accumulate over time causing the liver and kidneys to become overworked and weak.
It was also discovered that stress causes the adrenals to release a stress hormone called cortisol which if produced in excess can trigger overindulgence of carbohydrates such as chocolates, candy, sodas, ice-cream, even when you are not hungry.
Without nutritionally rich diet that nourishes and assists the body in cleansing these substances from the body, the body will lose its vitality and strength , suppressing the immune system and thereby contributing to an increase in illness, disease and excess body fat.
There are several detox diet programs available in the market, like the lemonade detox, liquid detox etc that you can go to for professional detoxification.
However if you wish to do it yourself there are ways to cleanse your body the natural way. After all if the ultimate goal of detox diet is to promote the excretion of stored toxins in your organs like lungs, liver, kidneys etc, then certainly a change in your eating habit is called for.
These are several methods used to modify the diet for the purpose of detoxification, some of which include:
* Increased consumption of fish such as salmon
* Fasting – includes water fasting and juice fasting
* Herbal detox
* Restricting calorie intake
In any of these methods, the emphasis is on fruits and vegetables which ought to compose a majority of your food intake. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of antioxidants,substances found only in plants that can help fight against disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the vitamins A, C, and E are actually forms of antioxidants that are vital for health.
Water also plays a crucial role in detoxing your body. It carries nutrients to your cells, helps in digestion and flushes out bodies of wastes and keeps your kidneys healthy. Water ensures that our skin, eyes, mouth and nose functions well, lubricates and cushions your joints, regulates body temperature and metabolism and many others.
It is a fact that adequate water consumption can also slow the signs of aging and improve conditions such as diabetes, obesity, constipation, dry skin, hypoglycemia, arthritis, kidney stones, glaucoma, wrinkles, and cataracts.
Detoxing your body is a way of losing weight by removing dirty elements from your body and making way for new and healthier eating habit. It not only will make you feel physically good but a change into a positive lifestyle will make you feel good.